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World Class Quality Product


Abundant Raw Materials And Clear Sources


We do greenery for the continuation of the products produced. So it is very environmentally friendly


Ardwooden is a trading company engaged in the sale of international standard plywood certified SVLK, CARB, and EPA. Our company is located in the country of Indonesia which is rich in raw materials for making plywood. We have been supplying to various continents, such as America, Europe and the Middle East. Our company’s core customers are sellers of wood, construction and furniture. We are willing to be a supplier to various countries to support the continuity and smooth running of your project with the best service from us. We believe our future lies in satisfied customers with our products and services. We really respect customers, therefore we will always try everything in our power to meet customer requirements with the aim of satisfying customers because customer satisfaction is our great goal and ideal.


Become a quality trading company in the timber sector so that it can provide solutions and meet the needs of customers around the world.


  • Improve company performance by keeping up with the times.

  • Committed to always be consistent in maintaining product quality.

  • Consistently maintain trust, good relations, and customer satisfaction.

Only Best Quality

Quality Product

Performed by a skilled and trained team with strict quality control before, during and after the production process so as to achieve the target according to customer specifications.

Keep Trust

Prioritizing trust and satisfaction by being responsive, transparent, informative and consistent on product quality.

Delivery Schedule Commitment

Has established good cooperation with professional shipping companies to support the delivery of goods for the continuity and smooth running of customer projects.

Long Term Cooperation

Our capacity is 2,000m3/month with stable product quality.

Affordable Prices

Product quality is stable, has a high value but can be obtained at competitive prices.

Only Best Quality

Our Product Gallery

Where our plywood, barecore, and blockboard production processes are stable and world-class quality.

We really don’t mind if you want to visit our production process.


Face/ Back : Albasia Falcata/ By Request

Core : Albasia Falcata/ By Request

Thickness : 3 – 18 mm

Size : 1220 x 2440 mm

Usage : Furniture, Packing, Construction

Glue : UF/ PF/ By Request

Grade :By Request


Wood : Albasia Falcata

Thickness : 10 – 13 mm

Size : 1220 x 2240 mm

Glue : UF/ By Request

Grade : B/C


Face/ Back : Albasia/ Hardwood

Core : Albasia Falcata

Thickness : 15 – 18 mm

Size : 1220 x 2440 mm

Usage : Furniture

Glue : UF/ PF/ By Request

Grade :By Request

Dukuh Brajan, RT/RW 05/01, Desa Prayungan, Kec. Sawoo, Kabupaten Ponorogo, Provinsi Jawa Timur, Indonesia